They are made of the same basic ingredient: soybeans. Tempeh is made by naturally fermenting the spores to bind the soybeans into a soybean cake form. The fermentation increases the health benefits of tempeh, making the protein more easily digested and adsorbed by body. Tempeh is found to improve digestion system, help with weight loss and diabetes, and reduce cancer risk.
Due to fermentation process, the protein in tempeh is more easily digested and adsorbed by body compared to other non-fermented soy foods.
The protein and mineral content and quality in tempeh are comparable to beef but tempeh has no cholesterol and no saturated fats.
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There is no scientific evidence yet that eating tempeh can cure specific infection. However, eating tempeh may increase the immune system that prevent one from getting infected in the first place.
We do not recommend eating tempeh without cooking. Cooking tempeh is easy and can follow a few steps below:
  • Cut tempeh into any size and shape
  • Marinate with oil, salt, pepper, or any preferred seasonings
  • Fry with high heat oil, or bake at 450-475 F, or stir-fry until golden brownish
  • Add favorite sauces (spaghetti, BBQ, peanut, curry, chili, buffalo, …) to the cooked tempehServe the tempeh in sandwich, with salad, pasta, or rice