Wiwas Tempeh Partnerships


We are thrilled to serve local restaurants in the greater Houston area. Wiwas Tempeh has become one source of plant-based protein in these restaurants by serving our tempeh in a variety of delicious dishes, including tempeh burger and tempeh taco salad.

For restaurant owners, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wiwas Tempeh will provide tempeh dish samples and tempeh recipe/menu ideas to your restaurant for introduction. For complete list of restaurant partnership, please visit this link

Housing and Dining

Wiwas Tempeh is proud that we can serve healthy tempeh dishes to students, faculties, and communities at Rice University. Known as “the Harvard of the South”, we couldn’t be happier that we are trusted and chosen to be part of Rice University’s dining plant-based journey! For complete list of housing/dining partnership, please visit this link.

We thrive to introduce tempeh to all generations for healthier lifestyle. Aside from the health benefits, people love our tempeh due to its delicious taste and excellent firm texture. To learn more about tempeh and its health benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact us


We are pleased to announce our partnership with food service distributors/wholesalers. This partnership allows nationwide distribution of Wiwas Tempeh to retails, restaurants, schools/colleges/universities, cafeterias, hospitals, cruise ships, nursing homes, industrial caterers, etc. 

Please visit this link to check out our food service distributor partner list. If you cannot find your distributor in the list, please let us know and we will work with you. If you are a food service distributor/wholesaler and would like to carry our product, please contact us.


One of Wiwas Tempeh’s missions is to help people improve their quality of life by incorporating tempeh into their daily diets. Wiwas Tempeh partners with grocery stores and supermarkets to provide our customers an easy access to our tempeh for a healthy family meal at home. Tempeh can be prepared using any recipes by replacing the “meat-based protein (chicken, beef, seafood, etc)” with our tempeh. Please visit this link for basic tempeh preparation method.

To see a complete list of stores carrying Wiwas Tempeh, please visit this link.


Besides producing high quality tempeh, Wiwas Tempeh would like to give back to the communities by participating and supporting non-profit organizations. Some non-profit organizations we are involved in are Very Veggie Movement (VVM), Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs Network (IWEN), and Indonesian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC).