About Tempeh

Tempeh originated in the Island of Java, Indonesia, centuries ago. As individuals who grew up in Indonesia, Wiwas Tempeh owners are passionate in bringing this traditional iconic food “tempeh” into every family in the United States; a nation with diverse cultures.

Tempeh is highly nutritious. In addition to its high protein content, tempeh is also an excellent source of calcium, minerals, dietary fiber, and rich in vitamin B12, which is exceptionally rare in plant-based food. Tempeh has high isoflavones contents that potentially may reduce cancer risk. Furthermore, the fermentation process makes the protein in tempeh more easily digestead and absorbed by our body compared to soybeans and other forms of soybeans.

About Us

Being immigrants in the USA, we had been missing good quality tempeh with original authentic taste and texture like what we had back in Indonesia.

Tempeh is often times being overlooked despite of its health benefits and delicacy. It is considered as “village food” by Indonesians since it is readily available and parts of daily diets in Indonesia. Many Indonesians do not have regular access to high-protein food such as meat. However, they can stay healthy, energetic, and productive with the tempeh diets. This is a testament of the health benefits of tempeh.

For these reasons, we were motivated and started Wiwas Tempeh in 2019.

Our tempeh is made by simple natural ingredients: high-quality organic non-GMO soybeans, tempeh cultures, and water. Our tempeh is also vegan and keto-friendly. Wiwas Tempeh is majority women-owned business. We thrive for clean and efficient production, excellent product, quality service, and ultimately healthy and happy customers.

Missions and Values

Our missions are to introduce authentic Indonesian tempeh taste and to help people improve their quality of life by incorporating tempeh into daily diets. We hope an increased awareness of tempeh in the United States will drive many (including younger generations) to embrace tempeh as healthy high-protein plant-based foods for their daily meals. Aside from the health benefits, people love our tempeh due to its delicious taste and excellent firm texture. Tempeh can be cooked in a variety of ways. They can be served with pasta sauce, curry, salad, sandwich, etc.

Wiwas Tempeh comes in an 8 oz. size

Wiwas Tempeh's Certifications

Why Choose Us?

USDA Organic Certified

Simple Ingredients

No Preservatives


Pleasant Fragrance

Always Fresh

Legacy Indonesian Recipe

Health Benefits Highlights

Improves digestion system

Helps with weight loss and diabetes

Reduces cancer risk

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